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Adam Caar


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

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Adam Caar


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

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Adam Caar


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.



We are individuals who have our own personal worlds, and at the same time, we share an external one. It's important to have this intimate place, where we create, where we can feel, where we can think by ourselves, questioning everything around. However, we cannot forget we live in a community. 

People are connected. Our souls and feelings are connected. In a modern world where people spend lots of time behind screens and talk more through devices than in person, it's not unusual we just forget about the people around us. In times of selfi(shness)es, poses and lies, it is more important to have than to be. It is more important to show than to live. People are afraid of the differences, are afraid of the others, and ashamed of themselves. 

Ideas have the power to show our souls, without putting us in a dangerous position in front of the holophotes. We can be true in art and imagination. We can show our real identity, our fears, our dreams, our feelings.... without being immediately judged by the world.

Art gives us an excuse to complain, to say difficult things and to point out mistakes.  As a result of this freedom, we have the opportunity to see in other creations, our own intimate thoughts and perceptions.


Here, the mission is to share art and connect people.

My pursuit -- for people's connections through art -- initiate when I introduce new artists, new visuals, new songs, new thoughts ( anything artistic) to the public.


From lots of images and really simple vocabulary, I aim to make people feel connected to others by emotions. Therefore, to the world itself.

Do you believe art can save the world? I do.

(well.. I also believe in karma, and fairies, but I think it is not the point here, right? Or it is?)



I make art, therefore

I ̶e̶x̶i̶s̶t̶ resist

Suirá Silva

In many years of working in the creative industry, it's not unusual to hear people telling:  "how it's easy to be an artist today"! They advocate how hard it was some decades ago, and how, in comparison, it's easier nowadays. You don't need major contracts to be a musician, you can promote your drawings on Instagram avoiding galleries, and you can start a photographer career with an iPhone.

But if you are talented, and have all the tools... How should you start?

Apps, spreadsheets, softwares and many other tools are supporting creators who decide to have their art performance as a profession. But if you don't know what to use, why and how.... it can be tricky to have any results.


I know... you are an artist, not a business person.


But if you don't consider your artistic career as your business, you'll never have the balance and revenue you need to quit your "pay job" and live your passion.


I work to help creators to put more art around. So I want to make this journey easier.

And how's the easiest way to walk through an unknown path? Using a map! Yeah... That's what I do, I draw these maps. I call them "marketing strategies" to have a fancy name, but in reality, they are treasure maps. So, you can find your treasure! (In this case, it would be your independent artistic career, ok?).


To go on a journey we need some time and cash. If you have more cash than time, I can save you some hours (maybe days... months... years?) drawing the map for you. I'll study you, your business, your market and tell you how you can make money with it. Or.... if you have more time available, save some bucks and I'll teach you how to draw your own map. To your personal needs... This is a Business Strategy coaching training. A 100% original methodology I created, wrote, edited, put pictures, formatted and make it looks this beautiful thing up there! (I am sorry... I'm just excited about this pretty job. *sigh).If there is a time on Earth that we need more art is now!


We need the connection that just an honest art piece can bring.

If you have time, focus on your art.

If you think you can walk longer and better with some help, just tell me

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