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Get Your Art Visible and Get Paid Online

This program will guide you to...

✔️ Develop the powerful mindset to activate your FULL UNLIMITED potential!

Shift your mindset & align your beliefs to overcome fear, & step into your superpowers to achieve confidence & generate results!


✔️ Discover your superpowers & Leverage your UNIQUENESS

Discover what makes you, YOU! We'll dive deep into the Archetype personality system used by 7 figure entrepreneurs & Fortune 500 companies! You'll learn how to utilize the strengths of your personality & archetype features to help you succeed in your business.


✔️ Create your own personal brand where clients WANT to pay for your premium product!

Connect deeply with your customers & then learn the simple action steps to creating your own unique personal brand, thereby making the competition irrelevant!

Tap into your strengths to create a strong presence, with clear messaging and an arsenal of stories, in order to generate visibility, media attention, & sales!


✔️ Position your Brand as a Premium Product & Experience

Become clear on your WHY.

Learn how to effortlessly brand your business, to reach the right people, who recognize the value & transformational power of your products, & will purchase from you time and time again!


✔️ Learn how to Gain Media Exposure

Discover guest posting & article contributions to get immediate wins. Learn how to cultivate connections in the media & generate free media exposure (including guest TV segments) through partnerships, pitches, & "who you know."


✔️ Learn about Impactful Marketing that increases your audience & SELLS

Learn how to market your offer using the most empowering, client-serving strategies out there. Create a powerful marketing plan that ALIGNS with you. Connect with others, & grow your brand visibility to potential clients via mainstream media, traditional marketing venues, as well as social media, with a proven, effective strategy. Create value-packed partnerships & collaborations. Learn the basics of powerful email marketing & do's and don't for creating a user-friendly and optimized website.


✔️ Community Cultivation

Build the most loyal and engaged community you’ll ever have. Learn how to serve your people & make sure you show up for them the way they deserve.


✔️ Learn how to Establish your niche

Learn how to establish who your dream clients are, where to find them, & how to cultivate partnerships & marketing to reach them!


✔️ Learn how to Price your Art/Products

Stuck on pricing? You'll learn about different pricing structures & how to decide which one is best for YOUR activated business.


✔️ Learn What People REALLY Buy

Learn the 3 factors that compel people to buy; get clear on the transformations you create with your product; & discover how to speak to your clients' needs.


✔️ Upgrade your skills & Optimize your Environment

Learn how to upgrade your skills, set SMART goals, & optimize your ideal environment so you can sell your products naturally & EFFORTLESSLY.

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