5 Big Reasons Why Your Art Isn’t Selling

Understand the 5 most common mistakes of selling your art as a business, and learn how to fix them so you can start to sell your art right now!

When your art isn’t selling, one thing is certain: it’s extremely frustrating.

What’s not certain? Why your art isn’t being purchased. I hear a lot from artists "my art speaks for itself.”

No, it doesn’t.


Your art won’t sell itself.

Many artists hate being self-promotional or think that “My art is good enough to speak for itself. I don’t have to sell it. My art will sell itself.”

Unfortunately, art, like any other product that’s ever been invented ever, requires something specific in order for it to be purchased. Art won’t sell itself.

Someone has to want it enough to spend time and/or money on it.

If you don't know how to position your product, find your audience or close a deal, this is the right video for you!

01:52 Mistake 01

07:46 Mistake 02

11:43 Mistake 03

14:43 Mistake 04

17:51 Mistake 05

23:56 Extra Tip


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The Beatles running away from fans | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRW_s...



Low Tree - Shaal Region

Lady Lane - The Pink Everland Sky

Safety Net - Riot

Earth - The Rhythm of Memory

Hydroferric - November

Kevin MacLeod - Carefree

Funny Bone

I'll be there for you - Husak Quartet

Make it Shine

Jingle Punks - Good Starts

Kevin MacLeod - Sneaky Snitch

Lord Taylor - Until There's More

Beat Your Competition

Silent Partner - Spring In My Step



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