A New Dimension

What if the next time you visit a gallery, the art pieces start to move...

...or add layers?

What if the 2D paint on the wall could create a new dimension and starts to tell us a story?

I love to live in the future! All of it is already a reality!

Artvive is a new app that works with augmented reality, adding a whole new dimension to art.

The app captures the image from the cellphone's camera and reproduces a video linked to it. The digital image can modify reality appearance or can evolve to a completely new level, with a movie for example.

The company is focusing its commercial efforts on museums and schools. Which I think can be a very interesting way to invest in a new public to art. By bringing interaction and novelty to the art concept, it can help to rescue the interest in the topic.

It also reminds me of Christopher Niemann's New Yorker covers that also play with the new possibilities with augmented reality technology. In this one, tho, the cover is just a start point to a whole story. (also nice to know that his website is amazing and super beautiful. I'm leaving the link here if you want to check it out.)

And if you are a designer, or an illustrator maybe you like this hint here, that teaches how to design your art pieces in the app, to add a digital layer.

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