Branding is more about action than design

Our acting scenario was restricted to small communities and now contains the whole world. Families have multiple configurations. Religions became more immediate in their deliveries or just disappeared since immediate needs multiply like crazy suffocating our transcendental pursuits. Schools struggle to have the student’s attention insisting on old and inefficient models. Professions and business vanish giving room to new concepts.

Work relations have less and less involvement, duration and safety. Emotional relationships become liquidy and ephemeral. Everything we were sure about, now it is just unstable. Concepts lose substance when Globalization spreads the same products, ideas, brands, trends and habits all around the world, making everything homogeneous and deprive us of surprises and novelties. Generating an ambivalent hungry of individuality and collectivity.

In a new reality where we are all content creators and media units at the same time, it becomes important to discuss Branding.

In the beginning, it was an exclusive topic for marketing boards in big companies. Now, it is essential for each one of us. We transform ourselves into compact production units, that need to respond as a whole company and feel as an individual.

Branding is the image we project. It is the study we do to understand better what message we want to pass, and how we can do it. It is possible to use visuals, sounds, smells… everything connected to our senses that makes tangible an untangible idea or concept.

A good image can attract opportunities, relationships and support your work and personal life. Do you take care of your image?

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