I don't know how are you reacting to everything that is going on outside. In my experience that's the first time, I see a pandemic like that. It is just crazy how people are reacting to that, and at the same time, I feeling like we should be doing more. However, these "more action" should be smarter than what we are doing right now. New problems need new solutions and new rationality supporting it.

Yes, even to deal with pandemics we need to be more creative. And one good way to exercise creativity is to training it.

Humour is a perfect exercise in my opinion. It makes you think outside the box, it makes you deal with the situation with a new approach and more than anything it makes room in your mind to new possibilities because it's light and joyful.

So, my contribution to your isolation period is some comics about what is happening outside. Maybe I can help you to see it in a whole new way.

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