Esher Creative Process

Maurits Cornelis Escher, or just Escher, was one of the great graphic artists of the last century and continues to inspire new creators. Known for its playful illusion and the frequent use of geometry, unravelling the processes behind the Dutchman's work is a complicated puzzle. The artist said he had no ability with numbers, but his gift for creating geometric patterns has been studied by mathematicians until today. One of the most interesting dives in Escher's creative process was given by filmmaker Han Van Gelder, who directed the documentary Adventures In Perception in 1971.

The 20-minute video consists of two parts: in the first half, several of his works are shown, accompanied by videos of the artist at work. In the second, Escher himself comments on some ideas that permeate his work.

“God cannot exist without evil, and as long as the idea of ​God's existence is accepted, one must also accept that of evil. It is a question of balance. This duality is my life ”

explains one of the phrases dictated by Escher to explain his artistic motivations.



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