The essence of an inexplicable dream

I always felt attracted by surrealist pictures. The way the artist puts together the real world and the imagination is special for me. It allows us to think outside the box. It tricks us to try finding a meaning when there is none. Others hide a subtle message or an arbitrary provocation. The exceptional power of surrealism is manifested in the viewer’s instinctive emotional response to images that use the juxtaposition of the most unlikely symbols to convey the most relatable feelings. Surrealism can capture the essence of an inexplicable dream, an unidentifiable emotion, or whatever another indescribable by-product of the subconscious an inspired artist might encounter.

The images created by our subconscious during a dream state may be closer to the truth than the scenes surrounding us in the physical world. As reality is arguably an illusion itself, bringing delusional dreams into literal existence might just be the sanest, most brilliant form of artistic expression yet. Essentially, surrealism upheaves this madness from the depths of our subconscious so that reality dwellers may look upon the spectacle that is the inner workings of the human mind. In this way, surrealism ascends the limitations of our physical reality to prove that there is, in fact, truth in intangible nonsense.


Adam Hale

Ashley Joseph Edwards

Eugenia loli

Felipe Guga

Joe Webb

Joshua Neel

Julia Geiser

Loui Jover

Menna Hussain

Merve Ozaslan

Naomi Vona

Sammy Slabbinck

Lone Wolf

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