The Secret Time Management Method

If you…

- struggle to determine what you need to do and when;

- have problems with focus and you see it can delay your results;

- don’t have previous entrepreneur experience and business activities are a mystery for you

That's the video for you!

Learn how to organize your time, have more things done and finally feel free to create. A step-by-step methodology that will allow you to create a structure to receive more and more clients in just 3 weeks, even if you have problems with management and focus.

04:27 Why is it important?

13:33 Structure: Macro & Micro

14:43 Introducing Concepts

19:30 Step 0

26:44 5 steps process

26:53 Step 1: Estimating


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Sundown Drive - Ghostrifter Official

Xpanse - Lahar

First Light - Atch

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The Become a Full-Time Artist Facebook group is specifically created for artists from the creative industry working with Music, Fashion, Architecture, Gastronomy, Dance, Audiovisual, Visual Arts and Lifestyle. Who wants to make a living out of their talents, so they can sell their creations and build massive influence for their artistic business.⁣ This group is hosted by Suira Silva. She is a marketing strategist, business coach, and creative entrepreneur who sells artists for more than 7 years. ⁣ She now uses this group to teach and bring value to artists from all around the world to create a community and drive quality information to their businesses.⁣


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