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Suira is Brazilian, the first daughter of a visual artist, she graduated in administration and after years working in the financial market, she decided to migrate to the creative industry in 2013. She worked as an independent producer until 2015, launching numerous parties in several nightclubs and managing bands, in 2016 she became the head producer of the Matriz Group, the largest alternative group of nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro, being responsible for the full programming. Working on international shows like Lucy Rose, Bonobo, Stephen Bodzin and Erykah Badu; besides working with Brazilian names like Planet Hemp, Orquestra Abayomy, BNegão, Rafael Frejat, Letuce, Autoramas, Marcelinho da Lua, MC Carol, Stereophant, Canto Cego, Clashing Clouds, Menores Atos, Banda Black Rio, and many others. In 2017, she launched her own music agency: Frequência Produções, where she represented D-Edge in Rio de Janeiro, promoted Matanza's Halloween at Imperator, and managed artists like Marcelo Vig (helping the artist to establish an international presence and win twice the Music Professionals Award in the Best Electronic Music Artist category), and represented artists with Biltre and Marcos Suzano. In 2018, she moved to Canada where she began her participation on ILive Radio -- broadcasted in Canada and the UK -- with her radio show Organic Beats. The following year she created the first entrepreneurship school for artists:, offering online courses and mentorships to artists who want to make a living from their art, working not only with musicians but also with stylists, visual artists, painters and sculptors. has students in 10 different countries including France, Canada, USA and Nigeria. In 2023 Suirá brings one of its courses from the school to Brazil.

In parallel with her career as a producer and artistic entrepreneur, Suirá is a DJ and businesswoman, having started 4 independent companies and countless authorial projects such as the collective Freeda Baile.

Suirá believes that the democratization of art and artistic entrepreneurship help to stimulate society's education, bringing instruction and breaking down barriers such as prejudice and social inequality. The more artists can live off their talent, the more diversity and access to art the community as a whole will have. That's why his work focus is ACCESS. Through her own methodology she offers entrepreneurship education to independent artists; and through its investment plans it favors the holding of large-scale events and international concerts.

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