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Right now we have no classes open. We just open classes 4 times a year, for just 5 people at a time. So Suiá con dedicates herself as much as possible to each coachee. If you want to get more information about this program and know when the classes open, leave your e-mail!




the starving artist

As an artistic agent and producer, I’ve been watching lots of artists struggling to sell their art for many years. Full of energy and dreams, they start promoting their work at events and on social media, but they have made just a couple of sales after some time; in some cases, not even one. At this point, they start to believe they are not good salespeople. So, they decide they need to find someone else to do this part for them.


They believe they need a salesperson.


They start to put all their energies into finding a gallery, a music label or a publisher to make their dreams reality and start making the sales happen. They begin to believe that those are the only ones who can sell their artwork efficiently. They trust these people’s “miracle network” and “special skills.” At this point, all the artist can see is the visibility that those “sales warriors” can give to their work, so they assign their success to agents, managers, producers, so on...


Usually, the artists on this path believe that as soon as they have a contract with an agent, gallery, publisher or label, they will be free to use their time to create new art pieces. At the same time, these “miracle workers” will take care of everything else, selling as many as possible. So, they will live happily ever after.


Well… that’s not how Creative Markets work.

Unfortunately, these miracles don’t exist in

real Life.


The truth is that salespeople can help you increase your sales, but only when you already have a solid fanbase that buys from you regularly. If you are not at this level yet, you have another problem:



I believe Art is the ability to create an emotion in another person. When we do that, we have the opportunity to awake the purest feelings in this person and ourselves as well. Shared emotions can connect deeply, making us more empathic, solidary and joyful. A world with more Art is more humane; that’s the reason why I decided to dedicate myself to making sure that not a single artist gives up on their gift.

I don’t want you to give up being an artist.


why it

Without a structured business, it will be almost impossible that your Artistic career becomes full-time. In this scenario, it doesn’t matter how many new pieces you can create, how good your work is or how many hours you are putting into it, your dream will never come true.


However, if you have a business structure for your Artistic Career you can:

  • Work less with better results

  • Work when and where you want, allowing you to travel or work from home

  • Make money from your talent, giving you the opportunity to quit your job and become a full-time artist

why this is for you

Book a Call

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    Do you want to make a living from your talent? Tell me more about it.

    30 min


just for you

It is not about learning how to build A business but YOUR business. The program is designed just for you.

only Artistic Businesses

analyzING your market

Artistic businesses are different from others. Together, we work focused on YOUR market

Plan of Action

in Hands

practical use

You will finish the program with a fundamental theory to create your business and with a real plan ready to put into action

hey, I'm Suira

I was born in an artistic family and I developed a career in entrepreneurship artistic marketing. Before I hit the age of 23 I started my first independent business.

Today, I work one-on-one with a diverse variety of artists on their creative communication and marketing strategies.  I dedicate myself to support them to build their own music and art businesses. So, they can make a living from their talent, selling their music and artwork, generating revenue that allows them to be full-time artists.

I specialize in the creative industry working with creators in  Music, Illustration, Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture and Drawing. 

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