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This e-book will help you to build your brand as an artist in an easy step-by-step. It comes with a personality test (online) that will help you to define which is the archetype that fits you better. Building a brand can be easy and rewarding reflecting straight on your sales.


This is a e-book, delivered on your e-mail in the best format for reading in multiple platforms or printed.


Artists rely on their brands to connect with their audience and sell their artwork. The stronger the brand, the easier it is for the artist to increase the value of their pieces and their sales volume.

In Art, people connect with an artist through deep emotions. The more the artist understands those emotions and systematically applies them to their sales strategy, the better will be the results.

Building your brand becomes much simpler, more rewarding, and worthier of respect when you understand the power of brand archetypes.

Archetypes were a concept introduced by Carl Jung, who believed there were models of people, behaviours, or personalities.
Archetypes, he suggested, were inborn tendencies that play a role in influencing human behaviour. Archetypes dictate what we like how we think and behave.

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. He is widely considered one of the most influential figures in the history of psychology. Jung was also an artist, craftsman, builder and prolific writer.

In branding, the archetypal framework helps us build human-like brand personas that audiences can trust and build real relationships. And best brand personas are forged by identifying solidly with one core archetype.

If you want to build a brand that makes an instant connection with your audience — choose an archetype that represents your message as an artist.



This e-book was created by Suira.Art, the first entrepreneurship school for artists. We have the mission of helping artists to create their own successful independent art careers, giving them the opportunity to be full-time, so they won't need to give up their talents.

We have a vision of a world where "Artist" can be considered a respectable profession, with fair remuneration and receiving proper recognition from society. 

Branding for Artists: build your brand based on your archetype

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