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MAKE MONEY from your artwork in just 5 STEPS!

hey artist

So, you want to quit your job to dedicate yourself fully to your talent, becoming a full-time artist, but… 

  •  You are having problems selling your art, or

  • You are hustling day and night trying to work with a gallery, a music label or a publisher, but they don’t even return your e-mails, or 

  • You are having trouble creating a successful online store and using social media to make money.


Relax, all these problems are completely normal in the beginning. With the right support, you will solve them and start to live the Life you deserve. 

I am here to be sure you will not give up on

your dream

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did you know?

With the right business structure for your Artistic Career you can:

  • Work less with better results

  • Work when and where you want, allowing you to travel or work from home

  • Make money from your talent, giving you the opportunity to quit your job and become a full-time artist

hey, I'm Suira

I was born in an artistic family and I developed a career in entrepreneurial artistic marketing. Before I hit the age of 23 I started my first independent business.

Today, I work one-on-one with a diverse variety of artists on their creative communication and marketing strategies.  I dedicate myself to support them to build their own artistic businesses. So, they can make a living from their talent, selling their artwork and generating revenue that allows them to be full-time artists.

I specialize in the creative industry working with creators in  Music, Fashion, Architecture, Gastronomy, Dance, Audiovisual, Visual Arts and Lifestyle. 

"Suirá Silva has been the manager in my artistic endeavours during years. She has excelled in many different tasks and attributions. Either doing executive production for live shows be it booking dates, prospecting new gigs, finding important partners or doing the back end strategical planning/Canvas and positioning me and my music as a brand. She is very dedicated and loyal to any cause she decides to engage with. Great communicator and well organized. 
Winner, Massimo Troisi 2003 Award, Itlay - Best Soundtrack
Finalist, Music Professionals Award - Best Electronic Artist, 2017 & 2018
Finalist, Music Professionals Award - Best DJ, 2018

why this is for you

personalized plans

just for you

It is not about learning how to build A business but YOUR business. The program is designed just for you.

only Artistic Businesses

analyzING your market

Artistic businesses are different from others. Together, we work focused on YOUR market

action plan in hands

practical use

You will finish the program with a fundamental theory to create your business and with a real plan ready to put into action

Kids sing before they can talk, dance before they can walk, and draw before they can write.
We're already born artists, we just forgot it on the way.

(I am here to remind you of how it feels...)